As a Unitarian Universalist minister it seems I am forever looking for new names for God. The holy, the sacred, the spirit of love, the spirit of life, God of many names and none… We UUs hold many different spiritual beliefs, often simultaneously, and in our religious observance we take care to make room for all beliefs, including agnosticism, humanism, and atheism. Which means I generally don’t use the word “God” at all. Even when, personally, it is exactly what I mean.

But I’ve found joy in the challenge of naming God. The search has itself kept me looking for God. Always seeking that which is most sacred and holy. Always attempting to stay awake to the beauty and pain of life. This blog is my attempt to illustrate all the places this search has led me. Not just since becoming a UU minister but even before that, growing up Catholic, getting sober, becoming a mother. Unitarian Universalists value spiritual searching so deeply that we have made it one of the seven principles of our faith: the 4th principle, a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. This blog is my beginning attempt to articulate that journey.

I hope to update my blog once a week, but you never can tell. It’s a goal. I also enjoy being kind to myself. And I currently serve as a part-time parish minister. In addition to that, I have a family, several animals, and a persistent knitting obsession.

And yet I still feel called to begin a blog, a blog about this God who isn’t always named God, this holy and sacred that I have encountered. I thank you deeply for taking time to read. I hope you will find something useful in it. Something that will inspire your own search for the holy.

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Until next time, much love and many blessings to you!

Rev. Jessica

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