Upcoming Preaching Dates

A few people have asked me when I’m preaching in the coming months. So here it is.

If you haven’t been to Shoreline UU Church before, I encourage you to visit! And not just when I’m preaching. It is a wonderful congregation with an amazing minister, Rev Kate Landis. She is a gifted preacher and well worth waking up for on a Sunday morning. The community is warm and welcoming, the coffee is good, and the music is beautiful.

Feb 5: Forgiveness

March 19: Good & Evil

April 16: Revelation

May 14: Hope & Fear

June 18: Transcendence

A prayer for inauguration day

Spirit of Life and Love, we live in a fragmented world that tempts us to despair.

We would put it back together, piece by piece, if it were ours to choose.

But sometimes the fragments are enough.

In a world of cruelty, there is still power in every act of kindness.

In a time of doubt, there is still power in every act of hope.

In an age of division, there is still power in every act of unity.

May we remember that sometimes the fragments of meaning we make are just the right size to hold in our hands.

-Written by Lisa Friedman, from the UU book Lifting Our Voices